The Kineo Center


I believe it is vital for any organization to be intimately connected to the “Why” of what you do. The word Kineo is connected to a very deep and passionate call to fully live. So here’s a little background about Kineo and it’s ethos:


It’s origin is Greek. Literally, it means “to move” or “to put into motion.” Think kinesiology (the study of movement). The story behind this ancient word is one of a mother eagle coming up to her nest full of young fledgling birds who are ready to fly, but need a little help getting out of the nest. So the mother eagle will take her beak and rustle and shake the nest to “cause movement.” She does this so that the young eagles, who are vulnerable and at risk if they don’t learn how to fly, may eventually take flight. Movement. It’s vital to life, but may look different from person to person.


It’s a call to move. To listen. To see. To know. To stand. To hold. To fight. For the vulnerable. For the hurting. For the grieving. For the lonely. For the tired. For ourselves. It’s like standing in a river, once you do, you will be moved.


It’s within this idea, this ethos, that The Kineo Center was birthed. The Kineo Center desires to see this ethos penetrate hearts, minds, behaviors, families, relationships, communities, and organizations. Kineo is a movement with no real form, and is already happening regardless of what The Kineo Center does. It’s a movement that “moves” people to begin alternative ways of being fully alive, truly living life; caring for ourselves and others, regaining hope, experiencing beauty, resting and playing, giving and loving, and developing communities; it’s a new way to be human.


Our desire for Kineo is to become a network/community of professionals who care deeply about therapy, education, and advocacy, encompassing mental, physical and spiritual health. Kineo will provide opportunities for individuals, couples, families, and organizations to be resourced, counseled, coached through difficult times in life. It is Kineo’s desire that all who enter into their community would be able to feel known and heard.

Therapeutic areas of focus include:

Families and couples, children and adolescents, individuals and groups, art and play, trauma and grief, talk therapy and body movement (yoga), mindfulness and EMDR, gardening and animal care, doulas and midwives, and many more as we continue to collaborate as professionals…

We would love for your voice to be heard in the development of Kineo. If this type of therapeutic center is appealing to you, or if you would like to know more about it, please connect with us via email at [email protected]. It truly takes a village to be able to care for the needs of one another, and at Kineo, we believe we are better, healthier, and wiser together.


Jeff brings over 20 years of experience of helping people. He holds a Masters of Divinity in Leadership Development and Urban Studies, and a Masters of Science in Marital and Family Therapy. This type of training in therapy has prepared Jeff to be able to not only meet with individuals, but also to work with families, couples, and adolescents. Jeff’s training enables him to observe family systems where certain breakdowns or stressors have started to hurt relationships, and enables him to help families who feel stuck. 

Jeff has been trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for healing from various types of traumatic experiences. He also has training in Restoration Therapy for couples and other intimate relationships, an approach that helps couples identify negative interaction cycles and allows them to create new ways to interact that bring peace within the relationship. Jeff also utilizes sensorimotor/somatic experiencing  interventions to help integrate the brain-body connection, and Internal Family Systems to help his clients get to know themselves and their stories better and emotionally heal. 

Jeff has lived in Phoenix since 1991 and has been married to his wife since 1999. Together they have four children who keep them busy and honest.


Amy brings a wealth of knowledge as an Integrative Doula. She is a graduate from Arizona State University with a Family Studies and Child Development undergraduate degree and is finishing up a Masters in Science in Marital and Family Therapy. She is also a certified Doula through DONA International.

Amy has over 20 years of experience in integrating art, nature, gardening,body movement and animals in helping people slow down, ground themselves, and learn new ways to cope with stress, anxiety and other difficult emotions. As an intern in therapy, she has specialized training in Restoration Therapy, which helps couples identify unhealthy interaction cycles and regain a sense of trust and safety within a relationship, which she is able to integrate these interventions as an Integrative Doula.

Amy has lived in Phoenix since she was 1 month old,  and has been married to her husband Jeff since 1999. Together they have four children, 2 boys and 2 girls.